Terms Of Service​

1. By signing, dating and returning to Bay Stump Removal Limited the care and acceptance portion of this quotation or by verbal instruction you are confirming that you are contracting Bay Stump Removal Limited to undertake the services described in this quotation on the terms set out below and that you have the authority to have these services carried out on the property described.

2. Bay Stump Removal Limited reserves the right to withdraw this quotation before it is accepted. If this quotation has not been accepted, it will lapse without notice 30 days after it is given.

3. The contract price is based on the site conditions remaining unchanged and as existing at the time of the estimate preparation.

4. The price or prices provided for in the quotation include GST, unless specified.

5. Amendments to the services described and the price provided for in the quotation must be agreed by both parties.

6. Damage to any underground services such as pipes or cables (water, power, telecom etc) shall be the responsibility of the property owner unless the exact location of such services is supplied to Bay Stump Removal Limited. A cable location service can be provided if required at an additional cost.

7. Tree stump grinding involves the removal of the tree stump but does not include the removal of lateral roots or tree stump chippings unless otherwise specified. We will endeavour to leave your property as clean as possible, however it is unavoidable that saw dust and wood shavings will still be visible after the completion of works.

8. Whilst all care will be taken, where cutting, saw and grinding blades are used damage to property i.e. fences, windows, buildings are the owners responsibility.

9. The tree owner accepts full responsibility for their driveways and paths and understands that to carry out work specified in the contract, it may be necessary to use heavy machinery that could cause damage to their own driveways or pathways and paths. The contractor will not be liable to you or any third party for any damages caused to driveways or pathways or other property.

10. It is the responsibility of the property owner to identify any protected trees on the property and gain the necessary consents required unless Bay Stump Removal Limited is authorised by the property owner to undertake this service.

11. It is the responsibility of the property owner to define all boundaries.

12. Investigation of Private Covenants and Boundaries shall be the responsibility of the Client and Bay Stump Removal Limited shall not be liable to you or to any third party for a breach of any such Covenant or Boundary. The Client must obtain written permission from all tree owner’s prior to Bay Stump Removal Limited commencing work.

13. Payment is due on completion of the works being carried out unless agreed otherwise. Bay Stump Removal Limited accepts cash, eftpos, bank transfers and cheques made out to Bay Stump Removal Limited.

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