How Much Will It Cost?

Our prices start from $45, the price will depend on the size of the stump and ease of access. We provide a free no obligation on site quote and in most cases if accepted we can do the job on the spot. Simply give as call to arrange a suitable time.

Any Tips On Reducing The Costs?

Make sure the stump is cut as low to the ground as possible, as a result we do not have to grind as much. Note that we always carry a chainsaw and may reduce the height of the stump before starting anyway. Not all stumps need to be ground down to 75cm below the surface. If you only need to re-grass you may only want to go down 20 – 30cm. We always try to leave the area as tidy as possible. This generally means raking the wood chips and dirt into a pile, however if you’re prepared to do this let us know as it can save us quite a bit of time on larger jobs. Make sure the area is free of obstacles, this may include stones, pipes, branches etc.

Are You Insured?

Yes we have public liability insurance to the sum of $2,000,000.

What Specialist Machines Do You Use?

Our 4 machines can be seen below, they allow us to tackle stumps of any size and location. Our 2018 Rayco 74hp is powered by a massive 3.8L Cummins engine that generates peak torque of 400 NM. Compared to the competition, there is nothing that can match it.

alpine magnum stump grinder
Our Alpine Magnum grinder is great for tackling tight spots such as raised garden beds.
paul walk behind grinder
Our Rayco 25hp walk behind grinder. Generally used when access is a issue.
paul stump grinding bethlehem
Our Rayco 35 is a great mid sized grinder which can tackle stumps of all sizes. The soft tyres are easy on the lawn and the backfill blade makes cleaning up easy.
rg74 grinder trailer

Our 3.8 litre Rayco 74 tracked stump grinder. With a huge 71cm cutting wheel and a 2 metre swing, we use on large stumps, shelter-belts and land clearing jobs.

Do I Need To Be Home?

Provided we can access the property and have a clear description of the job you do not need to be home.

Can The Area Be Replanted?

Yes, in most cases the area can be replanted. Please note that the wood chips and sawdust left over from the stump are rich in carbon, as the wood breaks down it will absorb the nitrogen from the surrounding soil. We recommend removing as much waste as possible before replanting or using a nitrogen rich fertiliser.

Will The Machinery Rip Up The Lawn?

No, we take precautions to reduce the impact. Our wheeled grinders both use soft tyres which helps to reduce impact on your lawn.

How Soon Can We Do The Job?

We can generally do within 24 hours of receiving the call.

rayco rg35 grinding
Removing small stumps in paddock
monster tree stump
Grinding a monster redwood in Rotorua
shelter belt removal orchards

Removal of stumps on a kiwifruit orchard.

How Big A Stump Can You Grind?

Provided we can access it, we can grind/remove it.

What Depth Do You Grind To?

We can grind to a massive 75cm below the surface ensuring the stump is completely removed. In most cases this will not be required, we will discuss the grinding depth with you when providing the quote.

Do I Have To Clean Up?

No, the site will be left tidy.

Can You Supply Topsoil And Re-Grass?

Yes we can do this, additional fees may apply.
stump before
Removing challenging stumps.
stump during
Not affecting your driveway.
stump after 1

Final stage.

How Close Can You Get To A Structure?

We get between 5 and 10cm with our larger machines and can get within 1 – 2cm with our smaller hand held grinder. We can tackle stumps within tight locations such as around swimming pools or within raised gardens.

How Can I Pay?

We accept cash, cheque, internet banking and EFTPOS.

Our Range of Machines
Can Tackle Any Stump

We grind stumps of all shapes and sizes.

Our range of professional equipment and expertise allows us to eliminate stumps in even the hardest-to-reach areas.


Our Client Testimonials

At Bay Stump Removal, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied with our work. As a testament to our dedication, we are delighted to have received all five-star reviews from our satisfied customers. 

Peter Crossan
Peter Crossan
Thanks Paul for a great job. All traces of stumps were removed and now ready to sow grass seed. We will use you again in the future. AAA plus.
Lachy Davidson
Lachy Davidson
From phone call to work completed, it took under a day. Very happy with the responsiveness and how it turned out. Cheers Paul!
Danni I
Danni I
I had Paul around today to remove a stump after moving into a new property with several old stumps . Paul was incredibly efficient and reasonably priced. He offered lots of expertise around tree types and root systems that may affect building structures as well as recommendations for green waste removal. Well worth the investment to get someone like this around and he was a great guy too. I am new to the area and wanted to take the time to write this review to Highly recommend Paul in case there are others wondering which company to go with!
leanne aitken
leanne aitken
Paul did an excellent job, prompt service and he left our property nice and tidy. Have now used him a couple of times and always been more than happy with his work so would happily recommend him to others.
Rosie Morrison
Rosie Morrison
Paul did a top job removing some stubborn yukka stumps from a tricky spot. Highly recommend.
James Sandison
James Sandison
Paul removed a yukka stump from the drive way with ease. Highly recommend
Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor
Just amazing all round great and speedy service at very reasonable price, would 100% use again and recommend to others👍
Simon Fortescue
Simon Fortescue
100% recommended. Great communication and nothing was too much trouble - it was really awkward for Paul to get his kit to the stump - needed to go right round the house and through a garage - but Paul found a way and had it done in no time. Thanks again.
Tracy Lloyd
Tracy Lloyd
Paul was absolutely amazing from the time he came on site to do a viewing to the time he completed the job. He was extremely careful moving around the property or near the house with the machinery. Paul was very meticulous in his work, making sure the pulp from the stumps was spread out. He left the site very clean afterwards.
Olly Pudney
Olly Pudney
Big thanks to Paul for an awesome job done.. was a massive stump and we are so happy to have it gone,😊good old fashioned customer care at its best..all the best paul